Zachary L. Gaiter, M.A., LPCC


I am a therapist and life coach in the state of Colorado in pursuit of my LPCC, and currently under the supervision of:

Scott Hays, LPC, LAC

Clinical Director

Ridge View Youth Services Center


As a former singer/songwriter and record label owner, I found my true calling in the service of others and their personal/professional development. My family has a long standing history in the Denver metro area, and I have made it my mission to serve those in need of developing new life skills, and correcting unwanted patterns.


I rely on my ability to connect with clients, as the main catalyst to personal growth, and with that connection, provide proven effective therapy/coaching approaches to help reach treatment goals. Together, we are able to achieve things that are relevant to YOUR overall life improvement. I do not focus on diagnosis or labels. I am more interested in helping you gain clarity in areas that bring your life more value.

I want to help you create the "new you".

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