Altering Negative Mind-Space

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

How often have you thought to yourself, “I am in such a negative mind-space”? We all recognize when the way we are thinking is slightly skewed from how we wish it was.

How Reality is Developed

We all want to believe that the day is going to be as good as it most likely is going to be………, but sometimes we just can’t. Sometimes, the day is no doubt going to suck. We know before we take a step from the bed, everything that makes me stress, gives me anxiety, brings me down, is going to be waiting for me after breakfast.

It is in the focus, that we experience the accurate tell of our realization.

This means that, more times than not, the way we imagine today, and perceive yesterday, makes all the difference in how our reality is developed. Have you ever heard the term “fake it ‘till you make it”? That phrase explains exactly how to make a “bad day” a “good day”. Your brain takes information that you provide, such as your internalized experience of a situation, and in turn uses that information to know how to make you feel. Simply put, a re-framing of your experiences will eventually send altered information to your brain, and you will begin to feel differently about that situation. If you tell yourself that yesterday was a good day, and today will be as well, you will notice a shift in that negative mind-space.

This can be a slightly complicated transition, that can be simplified and supported by the help of a counselor or life-coach. If this sounds like a technique that you would like to learn how to use, a counselor or coach can be a great resource.

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