Creative Artists

Artists have a very unique experience of the world, and as such, can benefit from a more unique therapy or coaching approach. 

Zachary has over 20 years in the music industry, and uses this experience, plus his clinical education and coaching training, to provide support to other artists.

Boy Checking his Phone

A struggling adolescent can be difficult for everyone in the family. Along with addressing behavior change, we work to improve communication and emotional expression. Zachary has had great success working with adolescents, in various areas, from depression to behavioral/social issues. Perhaps this is the connection that your child needs.

Designer in Studio

Today, there are many more opportunities for working professionals. It can often be difficult to select the direction of how to spend your life. Even when we are confident in our path, learning the skills to assess happiness and pursue growth, are always beneficial. From job performance to future opportunities, Zachary has the experience to help you develop these tools.